Doin' it For Themselves 4

Not all architects resided in single family houses. Some designed their own apartments or entire apartment buildings in which they had a unit.

Howard Moïse (1887-1965) was considered one of America’s most modern designers and in 1932 began teaching at Berkeley’s School of Architecture.

A contemporary of William Wurster, Gardner Dailey (1895-1967) invented and obtained a patent in 1942 for the stressed skin-roof and its use in unit construction. He was later appointed architect of the Pacific War Memorial at Fort McKinley in Manila, P.I. 

Olof Dahlstrand (1916- ) greatly admired Frank Lloyd Wright and developed designs using a similar style of rendering.

Before moving to Connecticut, Charles Moore (1925-1993) was Chair of Berkeley’s Department of Architecture (1960-1965) and founding partner In MLTW (Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull & Whitaker) which had their offices in Berkeley.