Doin' it For Themselves 6

Howard Friedman (1919-1988) maintained an active practice as an architect and planner.  He co-authored Construction Management for Architects, Engineers and Owners and Issues for Seismic Strengthening of Existing Buildings. In addition, he served as the Chair of Berkeley’s architecture department.

A graduate of Berkeley’s School of Architecture, Vernon DeMars (1908-2005) served as the architect for the Western Regional office of the Farm Security Administration. He spent most of his career at Berkeley teaching and was one of the designers of Wurster Hall, the Student Center, and Zellerbach Auditorium.

In his projects, both large and small, Warren Callister (1917-2008), a regional modernist, combined the rigors and simplicity of the Modern Movement with the warmth and intimacy of the Craftsman Style and the elegance of Japanese design.