Women Designing for Powerful Men

For decades William Hearst’s estate at San Simeon was famous, but few people knew the architect was Julia Morgan. She is one of many women designers commissioned by powerful men and organizations from President Woodrow Wilson to John D. Rockefeller and Steve Jobs; and from early Silicon Valley companies and developers to famous male rock bands. This section presents some examples of these relationships in the areas of architecture, landscape, and graphic design.

Rockefeller Jr., John D.

John D. Rockefeller, Eyrie Garden,
Seal Harbor, ME, 1933–1934.
Moongate photograph, brochure of Eyrie garden.
Beatrix Farrand, landscape architect.
Beatrix Farrand Collection

Terrapin Station

Letter to S.F. Mayor Willie Brown re: Terrapin Station. Cathy Simon, architect.
SMWM Collection

Unidentified project

Bobbi S. Solomon on a project.
Barbara Stauffacher Solomon Collection