Award Winning Residences

The homes designed by Donald Olsen stand out as remarkably durable achievements within the Bay Area’s post-war architectural heritage. He's a pure "International Style" modernist in the tradition of the German Bauhaus designers of the 1920s, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier. He is one of a small handful of Bay Area architects to work in the style. Olsen's work was widely praised and published in architectural and popular magazines throughout his career. 

Bewley, John Apartments 4-Plex Bewley, John Apartments 4-Plex
Bewley, John Apartments 4-plex (36th & Barrett)
Richmond, CA, 1956

Bill Finley, then the Director of Richmond's Department of Planning, put out a call for proposals demonstrating "good site use." Olsen's design was chosen and his good friend and often-used contractor, John Bewley, built the complex. Each unit features a patio, carport, front entrance, and sound walls. In keeping with Olsen's design aesthetic, notice the floor-to-ceiling glass panels on the front of the building.