Participating in Peace

Many entries called for the use of participatory processes in the landscape.  Robert Royston's initial entry encouraged interaction with the design through the use of a ring of life-sized human sculptures holding hands, with gaps between them where visitors could complete the circle. Ron Wigginton's Peace Cairn design suggested using stones left by visitors to creat a mound representing their unified hope for peace. 

Stephen Lloyd and Laurie Kress' design, the runner-up in the competition, utilized a granite wall, gridded with 1-foot square holes, to hold objects of peace brought by visitors. Lloyd explained his design this way, "Peace seems to be this great, abstract thing attained by small individual gestures. We tried to integrate huge gestures--the granite wall--with tiny participatory elements[...]the wall is incomplete[...] The holes mean people have to work to fill it up." 1



1) Landecker, Heidi, (1990) "A Peace Garden", Landscape Architecture, 80 (1), p.73.