Introduction and Precedents

Cottage Residences; or, a series of designs for rural cottages and cottage villas, and their gardens and grounds
Andrew Jackson Downing. New York and London: Wiley and Putnam, 2nd ed. 1842
. EnvDesign Rare NA7561 .D6 1844, Gift of Frederick Law Olmsted the Younger

Palliser’s American Cottage Homes
Bridgeport, Ct: Palliser & Palliser, 1878.
EnvDesign Rare f NA7127 .P24 1878

Palliser’s Model Homes 1878
Felton, Ca.: Glenwood Publ, 1972. Reprint of 1878 ed.
EnvDesign NA7127.P25

Palliser’s Model Homes, showing a variety of designs for model dwellings…
Bridgeport, Ct.: Palliser, Palliser & Co., 1878.
EnvDesign Rare NA7205.P26 1878

Hodgson’s Practical Bungalows and Cottages for Town and Country
Fred. T. Hodgson. Chicago: Frederick J. Drake Co., 1906.
Loaned by Daniel P. Gregory

Picturesque California Homes: a volume of forty plates, plans, details, and specifications of houses costing from $700 to $15,000, and adapted to families having good taste and moderate means: city and country homes
Samuel Newsom and Joseph C. Newsom. Los Angeles: Hennessy & Ingalls. 1978, reprint of 1884 ed.
EnvDesign f NA7235.C2 N472 1978

Originally published in 1884 by the brothers themselves, this was a popular book, but the vast majority of these houses were built for the wealthy.

Holly's Country Seats: containing lithographic designs for cottages, villas, mansions, etc., with their accompanying outbuildings; also, country churches, city buildings, railway stations, etc., etc.
Henry Hudson Holly. New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1866.
EnvDesign Rare NA7610 .H56 1866

Modern Dwellings in Town and Country Adapted to American Wants and Climate with a treatise on furniture and decoration, with one hundred original designs comprising cottages, villas and mansions. Henry Hudson Holly. New York: Harper & Brothers, Publishers, 1878.
EnvDesign Rare NA7610 H57 1878

Holly’s Picturesque Country Seats, a complete reprint of the 1863 classic
Henry Hudson Holly. New York: Dover, 1993.
EnvDesign NA7205.H63 1993

Modern Houses, Beautiful Homes
Robert W. Shoppell. New York: Co-operative Building Plan Association, 1887.
EnvDesign Rare f NA7127 .S52

Cheap Dwellings; a series of neat and comfortable city and country residences, illus. and described by carefully prepared plans and specifications, and accompanied by reliable estimates of cost
John C.Pelton, Jr. [San Francisco:] San Francisco Bulletin Co., 1882.
EnvDesign Rare NA7127 .P45, from the library of Prof. Carl Copping Plehn, 1867-1945

Woodward’s Country Homes
George C. and Francis W. Woodward. New York: G.E. & F.W. Woodward, 1866.
EnvDesign Rare t NA7561 .W62

Palliser’s American Architecture
New York: Palliser & Palliser, 1888.
EnvDesign f NA7207 .P35 1888

Shoppell’s Building Plans for Modern Low-Cost Houses
Robt. W. Shoppell, ed. New York: Co-operative Building Plan Association, 1884.
EnvDesign Rare fNA7239.S46A4 1884

Cottage Designs with Constructive Details by Various Architects, a practical book for builders and those intending to build
New York: David Williams Co., 1897. Carpentry and Building series no. 1.
EnvDesign Rare fNA7127.C6

Introduction and Precedents