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Silk screen poster production in front of Wurster Hall.

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The collage of a chimp with a raised fist appealed to viewers across the political spectrum. Professor Emeritus Treib recalls that those on the left believed the image supported student demonstrations; those on the right thought that it mocked them.

Section 176 of the U.S. Flag Act specifies: “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress”— the message conveyed in this poster, which inverts the flag and substitutes jets and rifles for stars and…

Jay Bellioli created one of the best known of the CED posters (and one of the few that can be attributed to an individual). Amerika is Devouring its Children visually paraphrases Francisco Goya’s painting, Saturn Devouring his Son (c. 1820).…

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Butler taught in the now defunct CED Department of Design. She continued her career as a professor at UC Davis, and co-founded Poltroon Press in Berkeley. Her work is represented in the New York Museum of Modern Art to the Victoria and Albert Museum…
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