Items from the Off Hours: Environments for Entertainment exhibit.


Miranda Hambro (Environmental Design Archives)
Jason Miller (UCB CED VRC)

Items in the Entertainment Collection

Orinda: Designed for Your Pleasure
Publicity pamphlet for the Orinda Theater.

Inaugural Program Carmel Theatre
Commemorative program for the opening of the Carmel Theatre.

"Zanzibar--A Cocktail Lounge" 2 of 3
Page 2 of an article about Zanzibar Lounge.

Rheem: Movies in the Grand Manner
Program for Rheem theater.

"Zanzibar--A Cocktail Lounge" 3 of 3
Page 3 of an article about Zanzibar Lounge.

"Zanzibar--A Cocktail Lounge" 1 of 3
Page one of an article on the Zanzibar Lounge

Dimond Theatre Souvenir Program
Souvenir program from the grand opening of the Dimond Theatre.

Plan for Stevenage Centre
Plan for the New Town of Stevenage.

Casino at Tahoe
Section drawing for casino development at Lake Tahoe.

"Le Duet" Theater
Elevation from parking area of the "Le Duet" theater at the Carmel Plaza.