Latin America

In addition to the embassies and commercial projects, the geographic proximity of the Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Central America encouraged U.S. based clients to commission second homes. Gardener Dailey’s architectural work for the Brazil Pavilion at the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition may have resulted in contacts that led to his 1943 study for housing rubber workers in Brazil’s Amazon Basin.

As described in program for the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica, security considerations were of paramount importance.  Access would be tightly controlled, and the communications room was to be designed for security and earthquake resistance.

Laguera, Alejandro Garza

Laguera, Monterey N.L., Mexico, 1965
George Rockrise (architect)

Guirola, Rudolfo

Guirola, San Salvador, El Salvador 1955
Henry Hill (architect)

Straus, Robert D

Robert D Straus, Morelia, Mexico, 1967-69
Thomas Church (landscape architect)

Hippodrome Nacional

Hippodrome Nacional, Caracas, Venezuela, 1956
Garrett Eckbo (landscape architect)

United States Embassy, office building

United States Embassy, office building, Georgetown, Guyana, 1973
Donald M. Hisaka (architect)