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Outlaw Builders Commune Site Plan.jpg
The Arch 102 design/build site, from Outlaw Building News.

This poster appropriates a documentary image of the death of Jeffrey Miller, a student shot at Kent State University on 4 May 1970. The source photo is by John Filo, a photojournalism student who won the Pulitzer Prize for his image of the student…

CED students initiated a community outreach program to mobilize local anti-war sentiment – an easy sell, given the growing radicalization of town residents.
In response to the “guerilla gardening” that created People’s Park on a vacant…

The communal studio/dining room under construction.

The home as an “Autonomous Life Support” system.

The Energy Pavilion site, as seen from the roof of Wurster Hall.

Arch 102/207 working drawings of the Energy Pavilion.
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