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Oceanview Gardens: A Post-Occupancy Evaluation of a Section 8 New Construction project in West berkeley, Lisa Motoyama, arch 219C, p. 23,

Live Oak Park POE, The Wooded Maze images

A Post-Occupancy Evaluation of John Muir School Park, Redesign

"The Sun Terrace versus the Secret Garden: Comparison of the Blooming Plaza Sun Terrace and Crocker Galleria Roof Garden" by Yu-Ming Wei, LA 240, 1993, "Figure 19: Mapping of Spatial Privacy at Crocker Galleria Roof Garden" p. 37

"Evaluation of Two Plazas: 50 California Plaza and Fremont Plaza" - Marvin Yee, LA240 Fall 1993" "p.. 6: "Figure 4: Plan of 50 California Plaza and Patterns of Pedestrian Flow Observed"

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Students working on enviornmental autobiography assignment

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Students working on enviornmental autobiography assignment

"Ideal Environment Exercise" - Personal Values in Design LA 240/198 Class Exercise"
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