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A color study of oranges done by Edith while in school.

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Edith Heath's commencement program for her graduation from Chicago Teachers College in 1934

Photograph of Brian and Edith Heath

Edith Heath in Tacoma, Washington with puppy purchased for Brian's birthday. The Heath's lived in nearby Gig Harbor for 4 months while Brian worked for the American Red Cross.

Portrait of Edith Heath taken by M. Halberstadt

Black and red coat made by Evelyn Royston (first wife of Robert Royston) for Edith Heath

Gold cigarette case engraved with Edith's name.

Print made from a hand drawn greeting card from Brian and Edith, showing Brian thinking about upcoming travels and Edith working on her pottery.

Water color painting on trace by Edith Heath. One in a series of watercolors on the same theme.

Newlyweds Brian and Edith on the shores of lake michigan, Chicago.
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