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JV Veverka Res 14.jpg
Jerry Veverka Residence

Ward Thomas Residence
Ward Thomas Residence

JV Veverka Res 11.jpg
Jerry Veverka Residence

EN_Nisbet res 3.jpg
James Moore Jr and Earl Nisbet Residence

CM_Moore pebble beach3.jpg
Vacation home for Charles Moore

CM_Moore pebble beach4.jpg
Charles Moore Residence

JR_Robbins res.jpg
Jack Robbins Residence

WR_Ward Thomas Res.jpg
Ward Thomas Residence

GE_Eckbo Res.jpg
Promotion for the Alcoa Forecast Garden designed for the Eckbo Residence in Los Angeles as a way to promote domestic uses of new materials.

JV Veverka Res 9.jpg
Jerry Veverka Residence
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