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Two-sided brochure showing the glaze and shapes of architectural tiles produced by Heath Ceramics.

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Photograph of the completed Heath tile mural at the Occidental Center.

Heath Ceramics tile brochure showcasing the tile shapes, glazes, and completed architectural projects including the Norton Simon Museum.

Teal blue oval tiles on the exterior of the Hayward Civic Center Auditorium.

Article featuring the exterior tile cladding on the Pasadena Art Museum.

Photograph of the tile wall behind the alter at St. Anthony of Padua Church featuring 3'x12' cornflower blue tiles.

Article announcing Edith Heath's American Institute of Architects Industrial Arts Medal Award.

Bi-fold brochure with an insert showing the various glazes and shapes of Heath architectural tile.

Design drawing for the handrail extrusion used in the LA Times Northridge facility

A sample handrail extrusion like the ones used in the LA Times Northridge facility.
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