2: Collaborator: Bernard Maybeck

Maybeck encouraged the young Morgan, while she was still enrolled in UC Berkeley’s engineering school, by including her in a group of students to whom he gave informal architectural seminars. These students worked with him on his house and studio in Berkeley. She worked for Maybeck the year after her graduation.[1] Once she arrived in Paris, in 1896, she enrolled in the atelier of Marcel Perouse de Monclos, recommended by Maybeck.[2] She was considered one of Maybeck’s “boys” or protégés.[3] In Paris in 1898 she lived in an apartment below his[4] while working with him on drawings for the Hearst Hall Gym on the UC Berkeley campus. Later, after establishing her own practice, she worked with him again on the Hearst Memorial Gymnasium for Women, and in 1929-30 on Hearst's Wyntoon Estate, before W.R. Hearst gave the commission for that project entirely to her[5].  She was considered in practice to be able to “convert to positive effect any problems she encountered (a skill she always credited to Bernard Maybeck.)”[6] They collaborated on the enormous Principia College project in Elsah, IL, as well as on the grand palaces for the William Randolph Hearst.

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