Conservation Note

Along with several other fragile drawings in the exhibit, the plan from the Jessie Wallace house shown above is encapsulated in mylar.  The original document was badly damaged by insects, most likely silverfish.  It also suffered from water damage.  With the efforts of the Conservation Department at the UC Berkeley Library, the document was stabilized so that it can be used once again by scholars.  In contrast, the plan for the Williams/Mitchell house (also on this panel) has not been encapsulated. The damage to it is not so extensive, and conservation is both expensive and extremely time consuming.  It is still too fragile for the original to be displayed.  The plan shown on the panel is a high-quality reproduction.

If you own historic documents, please exercise caution when storing them.  Somewhere with a stable temperature and level of relative humidity is preferable.  Avoid getting the documents wet.  Keep them away from light, off the floor, and safe from pests.  Storage in an acid-free box is ideal.