Reflections from Former Students

Gunawan Tjahjono: “After I graduated from Berkeley, I was invited to conduct interdisciplinary research […] by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, and had also been awarded such prestigious research projects as the Excellence Integrated Research.  By ‘integrated’ it meant either [integrating] different disciplines or different institutions. I applied an emic approach, which I had learned from Berkeley's Social and Cultural Factors in Architecture and Urban Design course, in this project. This approach has now become very popular among architectural school in Indonesia. One area of influence which I feel Berkeley's experience […] contributed is phenomenology, which at the time I had returned almost no architectural school in Indonesia had ever heard about.” (Questionnaire, February 2016).

Gunawan Tjahjono, PhD, retired Professor of Architecture at the Universitas Indonesia

Faranak Miraftab: “My interdisciplinary training at Berkeley, crossing sociology, geography, architecture and planning, has helped me examine social and cultural dimensions of the built environment and shift analytic scale in my investigative lens to study social dimensions of development processes at community, urban and regional levels.” (Questionnaire, February 2016)       

Faranak Miraftab (PhD, 1995); Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; author most recently of Global Heartland: Displaced Labor, Transnational Lives and Local Placemaking (Indiana University Press, 2016) 

Reflections from Former Students