Bungalow Magazine
Seattle: Bungalow Publishing Co., vol. 1 no. 10, Dec., 1909.
EnvDesign Rare NA7571 .B85 and Supplement Plan

The Bungalow Book; a short sketch of the evolution of the bungalow from its primitive crudeness to its present state of artistic beauty and cozy convenience. Illustrated with drawings of exteriors, floor plans, interiors and cozy corners of bungalows which have been built from original designs
Henry L. Wilson
. Los Angeles: H.L. Wilson, 3rd ed., rev. and enl. [1908].
EnvDesign Rare F870.A8W5.1908, Gift of Robert Belcher

The Bungalow Book; a short sketch of the evolution of the bungalow from its primitive crudeness to its present state of artistic beauty and cozy convenience
Henry L. Wilson. Los Angeles: H.L. Wilson, 5th ed., 1910.
EnvDesign Rare NA7571.W5 1910

Ye Planry Bungalows
Ye Planry Building Co
. Los Angeles: Ye Planry Building Co. (Inc.), 5th ed. [1912].
EnvDesign Rare NA7571.P75

Ye Planry Bungalows; a book published by Ye Planry Co. in the interests of economy and pleasing variety in the art of building and beautifying the home ...
Los Angeles: Ye Planry Building Co., inc., 1908.
EnvDesign Rare tNA7571.P7 1908

West Coast Bungalows: a book of fifty-one one-story inexpensive homes with plans easily adapted to all climatic requirements
Los Angeles: E. W. Stillwell & Co., [1922?].
EnvDesign Rare NA7571.W47 

Little Bungalows.
Los Angeles: E.W. Stillwell [192-?].
EnvDesign Rare NA7571 .S74

West Coast Bungalows, a book of 50 one-story inexpensive homes and plans
Los Angeles: E.W. Stillwell [192-?].
EnvDesign Rare NA7571.S75

Bungalowcraft: new English bungalows
Los Angeles: The Bungalowcraft Co., [1923?].
EnvDesign Rare NA7571.B85 1923

California Bungalow Homes: a book on bungalow and cottage building in its latest development, illustrated with half-tone line engravings of the charming bungalows of Los Angeles, Pasadena and adjacent towns which for artistic beauty and coziness are justly famed the world over
Henry Menken
. Los Angeles: Bungalowcraft Co., 3rd ed., 1911.
EnvDesign Rare NA7571.M43 1919

Attractive Bungalows of Moderate Cost for Westwood Park, a restricted residence park on the sunny southern slope of Sutro Forest
Baldwin & Howell. San Francisco: [printed by Taylor & Taylor]; [1916?].
EnvDesign Rare NA7238.S35.B35 1916

Plan-Kraft” Two Story Homes
Los Angeles: De Luxe Building Co., 3rd edition revised, n.d.
Loaned by Alfred Willis

“…for progressive people who wish to build homes that are different. Introducing our …Swiss Chalet, Colonial and Japanese architecture, together with a newer creation of the bungalow.”

Typical California Bungalows: a collection of the best and most artistic bungalows built in Los Angeles, Pasadena and the surrounding suburbs, with plans and interiors
Eugene O. Murmann, designer. Los Angeles: Eugene O. Murmann, 1913.
EnvDesign Rare F870.A8.M9

Broadmoor Bungalow Book: a collection of the latest and best designs
[J.B. Peppin]. San Leandro: Peppin, 1916.
EnvDesign Rare NA735.O25.P477 1916

William R. Thorsen House, Berkeley (now California Sigma Phi Society)
Greene & Greene, 1908-10
Environmental Design Archives, Charles Sumner Greene Collection