For Each Other

The definitive examples of design collaboration are the residences and gardens of neighbors Joseph Stein (1912-2001) and Robert Royston (1918-2005).  Shortly after designing both houses, Stein moved to India where he had a long productive career. Royston, the senior partner of RHAA (Royston Hanamoto, Alley & Abby), created the two gardens.

Landscape Architect Lawrence Halprin ( 1916-2009) asked the firms of Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull & Whitaker (MLTW) and Joseph Esherick (EHDD) to partner with him on the development of the Sea Ranch. It was no surprise that Halprin chose William Turnbull (1935-1997) to design his house there.

Garrett Eckbo designed the garden for his colleague and contemporary Henry Hill’s vacation home.

William Wurster (1895-1973) and Thomas Church (1902-1978) collaborated on more than three dozen projects, so it follows that Church would ask Wurster to design a retreat for him at the Pasatiempo Golf development in the Santa Cruz Mountains.