Home Sweet Home: Inside Outside

The Lee Residence shows standing men outside on the deck, women sitting in the living room, and junior dressed in football gear just coming in. Likewise the men at the Rosenman residence are outdoors while the women are in the kitchen or leaning over the balcony. There are some instances in which men and women are relaxing as equals, but more often women are in the kitchen or with children, while the men are doing something athletic. The fluidity between indoor and outdoor spaces makes these homes distinctly Californian.

McLelland, Archie

Note that when a man is shown in a kitchen setting, it becomes a snack area.

Marin City Redevelopment: Type A, Minimum Type 3-Bedroom Home - 1 Bath

The unspoken aspect of this view of the living room from the dining room is the wife’s point-of view from the kitchen: the child in the dining room and the husband outside reading.

Home Sweet Home: Inside Outside